AVALANTO ENERGY: Unter dem Motto „providing green energy“ haben wir uns auf die Errichtung, Optimierung sowie Finanzierung von Biogas-Anlagen in Europa konzentriert.


AVALANTO ENERGY AG – providing green energy

Based in Bredstedt, AVALANTO ENERGY AG stands on two legs: On the technical, biological and economic competence of the NORTH-TEC Group with efficient biogas plants and the financial market expertise of AVALANTO FINANCE AG. Under the motto „providing green energy“, we have concentrated on the

  • consulting,
  • location development,
  • erection,
  • operation,
  • optimisation
  • financing and
  • marketing

of biogas plants in Europe. AVALANTO ENERGY has a wealth of valuable experience from twelve successful years through the NORTH-TEC Group. With our own expertise in plant construction, state-of-the-art control and automation technology, and yield optimisation, we render all necessary performances ourselves.

Secure investment with eco bonus

The complete business model with best operative performances confronts us with high growth dynamics. AVALANTO ENERGY transfers a business model that has been tried-and-tested in Germany to new, attractive locations. Our growth limit is currently set by the capital. Therefore we want both institutional and private investors to participate in the success. On the one hand you benefit as an investor from

  • a return that is calculable up to 14 years
  • manageable investment sums
  • and high security.

On the other hand, an investment in biogas plants means making a valuable contribution to the energy transition – from which subsequent generations will benefit. Our concept pays off both for potential plant owners and for private or institutional investors.

Biogas – independent of wind and weather

The advantage of biogas plants over other renewable energy sources is the constant supply of energy. This is possible because the output doesn’t depend on wind and sun. In addition, AVALANTO ENERGY makes use of innovative concepts for raw material enhancement and residual heat utilisation. This allows an increase in both the ecological value and the economic efficiency of the plants.

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