Strong markets: Aspiring agricultural regions!

AVALANTO ENERGY is sure of one thing: The future of energy production lies in renewable energies such as electricity from biomass. The percentage of the power generated in Germany that is accounted for by alternative energies has risen sharply in recent years. The consumption of eco-energy also increased three times over from 2005 to 2013, as our diagram shows.

However, the state sponsorship for renewable energies in Germany is being reduced as technological maturity increases. Therefore, the general conditions for the profitable operation of biogas plants are better in other European countries.

Croatia – a growth market

Croatia, for example, is presently in a constructive start-up phase for renewable energies. Above all due to

  • large forested areas,
  • a distinct agriculture as well as
  • foodstuffs and woodworking industries

the country offers very good geographical conditions for the use of biomass as a renewable energy source.

Entrepreneurs wanted

Do you want to invest in a biogas plant? You will find the ideal conditions in Croatia. The creation of favourable investment conditions is one of the most important tasks of the Croatian economic policy. Apart from national measures, support measures from the European Union are now also making a contribution.
The objectives are

  • the creation of better investment framework conditions,
  • the subsidising of foreign direct investments,
  • the improvement of international competitiveness and, in conjunction with that
  • an increase in exports.

Goals of the energy policy

Croatia joined the EU on 1 July 2013 and had already adopted the EU climate protection package „3×20 by 2020“ in advance. Croatia has thus set itself the goal of increasing the proportion of renewable energies to 20 %. The Balkan state then drew up a national plan of action with regard to the energy and climate goals that is binding with respect to the EU. Accordingly, alternative energies should account for 39 % of the total energy consumption by 2020. The focus here is mainly on biomass, biogas, co-generation plants and small hydroelectric power plants.

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